Benjamin is currently exploring the work of Vincent Van Gogh, via a selection of isolated portraits and monologues. See this work in progress HERE

CLIP - featuring Benjamin Victor and Peter Watts - Written by Peter Watts, Shot by Chris Stone Films

Brother - CLIP - Peter Watts - Chris Stone Films

Love - Created & Directed by Benjamin Victor, Shot & Edited by Taylor Rettke Photography
AS FRIENDS - featuring Benjamin Victor and Giften Blue Etienne - Written by Giften Blue Etienne, Shot by Self-Tape London

Puck - LOVE - Benjamin Victor - Hakea Productions

(see full short film with credits HERE)

The Servant - DIALEKTIKON - Adebayo Bolaji - Park Theatre

Tom - AS FRIENDS - Giften Blue Etienne - Self-Tape London

The Servant - DIALEKTIKON - Adebayo Bolaji - Ex Nihilo Theatre

Creature - SHELL IT DOWN - Massappeals - Defunct Films

Photo © Patrick Baldwin



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