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Benjamin recently created SHYLOCK, in collaboration with 1623 Theatre. The piece was commissioned for #ShakeUp! Shakespeare and can be found at the top of this page, with subtitled & audio described videos available. The short film sits alongside DAGGERS, another recent short film, exploring the inner mind of Macbeth.


During 2020, Benjamin took part in Savi Arts online 2.0. His collaborative work from this period of study is collected HERE. Please feel free to explore the videos below for a selection of recent work.

Benjamin's work on project VINCENT LIVES can be found HERE.

A selection of recent headshots can be found HERE.

SHYLOCK - Benjamin Victor - 1623 Theatre / Taylor Rettke



DAGGERS - Benjamin Victor - with thanks to Three Inch Fools

CLIP - Peter Watts - Chris Stone Films

- featuring Benjamin Victor

LOVE - Benjamin Victor - Taylor Rettke

GIANTS ARE REAL. - Benjamin Victor - Savi Arts - Alessandra Davison

DIALEKTIKON - Adébayo Bolaji - Park Theatre

- featuring Benjamin Victor

AS FRIENDS - Giften Blue Etienne - Self-Tape London

- featuring Benjamin Victor

SHELL IT DOWN - Massappeals

Photo © Patrick Baldwin

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